Megan Lovegrove

UK CrossFit athlete, Coach and Physiotherapist. Megan Lovegrove was titled UK Fittest female after the 2020 CrossFit games open. She has competed and coached globally for the last 6 years and has recently returned from a 2 year stint in Singapore. Currently Megan resides in the Lake District where you will find her training at the gym, up the mountains or in the lakes.

As well as her athlete endeavours Meg finds great fulfilment in her work. This involves seeing her therapy clients 1:1 for movement mechanics sessions, programming her individual clients online and coaching CrossFit classes to all abilities. Recently she has begun holding training day events in the lake district to encourage fitness accessibility to all.

She is passionate about making fitness fun, as well as inspiring up and coming CrossFit athletes. Meg has worked with WIT fitness for 4 years and recently completed a campaign for Reign energy drinks.’