Cat Meffan

Cat is a global yoga teacher, YouTuber and blogger on a mission to share her passion for movement and exploration of the body with everyone who crosses her path.

Through the growth of her blog and YouTube channel, Cat has been able to talk openly about her struggles with mental health, talking about the highs, lows and everything in between, especially when it comes to her body, her mind and running her own business.
Cat’s mission is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things she loves, whilst trying to help others make positive changes in their lives. As an ex-gymnast and dancer and now yoga teacher Cat has always had a passion for movement, but it was only after knee operations and numerous other injuries that she finally decided to look even deeper into her own body, which is how she discovered yoga. Sharing her journey via Instagram, weekly YouTube vlogs and her online blog she is keen on continuing to educate her ever-growing audience.